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 B.S. - Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University 1959

 M.S. - Environmental Health Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin 1964

 Ph.D. - Environmental Health Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin 1967

      Professional Affiliations

 International Association of Water Pollution Research

 National/Texas Society of Professional Engineers

 Water Pollution Control Federation

 American Society of Civil Engineers

 American Society of Civil Engineers (Texas Section)

 Registered Professional Engineer (Arkansas No. 3856, Colorado No. 11171,Georgia No. 9335, Idaho No. 2545, Illinois No. 62-30775, Louisiana No. 12656, New Jersey No. 17767R, New Mexico No. 5261, Oklahoma No. 9231, Pennsylvania No. 22695-E, Tennessee No. 8788, Texas No. 24326) (some not current)

 Engineering Accreditation Commission, Accreditation of University Level Colleges of Engineering

      Honorary Affiliations

 Sigma Xi

 Tau Beta Pi

 Chi Epsilon

 Phi Kappa Phi

 Marine Board, National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council

 Environmental Engineering Committee of the Science Advisory Board of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

 Distinguished Engineering Alumnus, Texas A&M University, 1985

 President - 130,000 member Texas A&M Alumni Association of Former Students, National and International, 1985

 Chairman - Water Pollution Control Federation Program Committee, 1986-1989

 Distinguished Alumnus - Texas A&M University, 1990

 Chairman - President’s Advisory Council, Texas A&M University, 1991 to present

 American Academy of Environmental Engineers Kappe Endowed Lecturer, 1994

 Distinguished Engineering Graduate, University of Texas at Austin, 1995

 President - American Academy of Environmental Engineers

 Chrmn., Ethics Committee - American Academy of Environmental Engineers

 National Academy of Engineering

 Distinguished Civil Engineering Graduate, Texas A&M University, 2000

 Inducted into the Civil and Architectural Engineering Academy of Distinguished Graduates, University of Texas at Austin, November 2003

 Lifetime Achievement Award, Water Environment Federation, 2009